Psychedelic Bingo (2035) (Jennifer Semple Siegel)

Psychedelic Bingo (2035)

Psychedelic Bingo. The Paisley Palace. Bingo
Black light special. An android with dreadlocks
Calling “O-69” Just another number, an acid trip
Gone mild. Mellow Yellow. We are old –
Hooked up, tied down, turned over. We ain’t gonna work
On Maggie’s farm no more. Hookahs, posters, rock

Music. Heavy metal, blues, jazz, rock
And roll, colliding like numbers in a Bingo
Cage. I ain’t NEVER gonna work
No more. Neon, strobes, Warhol Depends, locked
Wards. We know secrets, secret obsessions over sold-
Out riffs, long-dead songs. Rifts. A Zappa freak trips

Over rolling stones, I.V’s dripping into veins. A trip
To the john, now a journey through Haight-Ashbury. Rocky
Mountain High. A path so worn, so molded – 
But a man still forgets his way. “Bingo!”
Shrieks a woman on table three, her gray locks,
Frizzed and snarled, shaking like Joplin’s. She works

At sliding the numbers, gives voice to others. I’ll work
It all out, honey. Ancient as hell. A trip
With Generation X, a quest: a body locked
Into arthritis, loose bowels, erratic beats. “Rock
Me, Baby!” screeches from the loudspeaker. “Bingo!”
Yet another winner. Grand prize, pieces of gold,

Gilded like Elvis on velvet. God, how I dread his old,
Tired thrust. Swap it for new. I wanna work
On Maggie=s farm once more. Bingo,
Even psychedelic Bingo, sucks. Acrid trips
For the soured: distant gyrations, silent drums. Rock-
A-Bye, Baby, blown away in the wind. Lock

Life away in a big brass box, next to a locket –
Dulled. Eleanor Rigby, alone, always alone – cold,
Waiting for her name to be called. I wanna rock
With Sgt. Pepper – paints Woodstock by number. Fretwork:
Now done. Bad vibrations: gone. No more trips
To the Clinic, no more flashing lights. Bingo:

Psychedelic Bingo. Listen for doors, that last blackout. Lock
Away Purple Haze; trip up Witch Hazel and Sister Grace. Bold
work in Surrealistic Pillow all rocked
Out, lady, out.


© 2003 – present, Jennifer Semple Siegel

A short story version of this poem appears in Are You EVER Going to be Thin? (and other stories), available on Amazon


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