The BIG Diet (Or What Happens When You Deprive Yourself of Luscious Delights)--The Last Supper

Eve of deprivation.

The Last Supper. This meal, my last one until D-Day, a shooting of the whole artillery of fireworks on the 11th hour on the 4th of July. I know full well it will be a long time until the next 4th of July. It’s just one of those things that has got to be done, although I don’t even like some of the foods I ate tonight. I must have ingested over 3,000 calories in a period of four hours, but who’s counting?

The next 12 weeks: nothing but milk shakes, and three months of slow refeeding....


Source: “The Big Diet,” by Jennifer Semple Siegel, Are You EVER Going to Be Thin? (and other stories), 2004.

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