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Image -- Carly Fiorina ____________________ The world is really run by the Web. There’s so much information out there that you can click and keep going down the rabbit hole finding stuff. – Big Boi   ______________________ was registered on December 19, 2014, presumably by a former disgruntled employee of Hewlett-Packard (HP). For good reason, t he domain is registered under Contact Privacy , Inc, a privacy service out of Canada. believes that the registrant of is a cybersquatter, but he or she is NOT. He or she is NOT monetizing this domain but using this valuable piece of the web to exercise his or her free speech rights, in this case making a definitive statement about Ms. Fiorina’s job-killing activities while she was CEO at HP. OUCH. No visitor would ever mistake this site as being pro-Carly Fiorina, and, therefore, there is no trademark or name infringement. The first rule of running for p

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