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I Have a Goal: CPAP Therapy + Diet + Exercise = Appetite Control – Say What?

How Leptin and Insulin Signal Satiety  Source for Graphic: ____________________ I have been stamping my feet and complaining for the last six weeks because of having to wear a CPAP mask ( Continuous Positive Airway Pressure , a therapy designed for people who stop breathing during sleep, and, therefore, wake up several times during the night. Sleep-deprived people can experience serious medical problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity, among other ailments). I grumble every single night. My better half must be sick of my constant kvetching... But for the first time since I can remember, I’m getting good sleep and waking up energetic and exercising regularly. About four weeks into the CPAP therapy, I also noticed something else: my appetite has started to regulate itself, which has been a total surprise to me because I have always had an out-sized appetite. I never really knew the difference between hunger and satiety – I would go fr

Thought for the Day--January 26, 2011: Veggies and Fruits

Try to eat more vegetables and fruits--on Weight Watchers, most vegetables and all non-processed fruits are free of PointsPlus. These foods are surprisingly good and filling--and no one ever got fat from eating too many bananas or apples. Besides, you will discover that your appetite will exhibit a natural suppressant when it comes to whole foods. Embracing your palette is not all about chocolate, ice cream, and cake, but the whole rainbow of choices.

Thought for the Day--January 20, 2011: The Scarlett O'Hara School of Thought...

Are you out of points for the day? Don't panic. Think like Scarlett O'Hara: "Tomorrow is another day." A new set of points. If all else fails, eat "free" foods, such as vegetables and fruits, or use some of your extra points. Today, after my treadmill session, I was starving , so I ate a raw carrot. That way, I was able to enjoy my lunch without hoovering it down. It may seem counter-intuitive to pre-eat before a meal, but it works. Try it!

Thought for the Day--January 15, 2011--Selecting Fruits and Vegetables

If one must overeat (and I don't recommend this), choosing fruits and vegetables is the way to go.

Thought for the Day--January 12, 2011--Magic Pop!

Portion control is the new sexy. Having your cake and eating it too is what it's all about. But what do you do when you feel hungry, even after you have already eaten your cake? One solution: a new product called Kim's Magic Pop . It's big, fluffy, zero fat, low carb, and only 15 calories. Best of all, it's TASTY!

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