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A Flea Market Find: The “Mayflower” Bowl

The “Mayflower” Bowl ____________________________ A great sales person is a great actor.  – Based loosely on a Paul Lynde quote _________________________________ Last winter [January 26, 2015], Jerry, I, Mark, and Missy (the four Siegels) were browsing a flea market at Webster (Florida), nosing around in the antique section, when I spotted an old wooden bowl with cracks. Despite the cracks and being around the block several times, the bowl was very pretty and exuded a lot of soul, and I was drawn to it. But it had a $900.00 price tag on it. I and two other women were oohing and ahhing over it, but that high price tag seemed puzzling; while the bowl did seem to be old, it just didn’t seem to be worth $900.00. No one seemed to want to question why the bowl was priced so high – that is, except me, so I said to the owner of the stand, “This is a really nice bowl, but I don’t understand why it’s $900.00.” He, a white haired gentleman with a nice smile and friendly voi

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