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The Mystery of the Stinky Laundry has been Solved!

Dryer Fires are All Too Common _______________________ Your own safety is at stake when your neighbor ’ s wall is ablaze. — Horace _____________________ Last week, I noticed that when our clothes came out of the dryer, they had a strong stinky, organic burnt smell. I mean, it was gross and stunk up the whole house. I thought maybe lint had built up, so I asked my son Eric to help me check the lint in the vent tube. I’m obsessive about clearing the lint basket, but that stuff can still build up. But the vent was clear. Obviously, something else was wrong. I called Sears. They sent a repairman out, who checked everything out, but he found nothing definitive, just a burnt out bulb. He gave the innards of the dryer a thorough vacuuming and changed the bulb, which, by the way, had exploded, while he was fixing something else. He said that perhaps a stink bug had gotten in and stuck onto the heating element, and it needed to burn off. He suggested that I run the drye

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