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The Human Race: Its Inevitable Extinction?

Extreme Weather Life is a Brand Meme ______________ If extreme weather is a punishment from God, then why does most of it  occur in the Bible belt? – Life is a Brand meme _____________________________ Climate change deniers would insist that climate change does not exist; instead, when extreme weather hits, such as the recent tornadoes down south, they play the “God as punisher” card. Quite frankly, if God exists, I don’t think she really cares about our transgressions. She’s too busy being omniscient and creating other messes, uh, universes, trying to perfect that “In Her Image” stuff. (Note: she hasn’t succeeded yet.) Honestly, I don’t know if the recent storms are climate-change related or just a temporary force of nature – I’ll leave that to the scientists who have the tools to extrapolate weather patterns. I do believe that we are rapidly destroying ourselves as a human race, and I’m not sure we can do much, if anything, about it. I see our downward spir

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