The Human Race: Its Inevitable Extinction?

Extreme Weather
Life is a Brand Meme

If extreme weather is a punishment from God, then why does most of it occur in the Bible belt?
– Life is a Brand meme

Climate change deniers would insist that climate change does not exist; instead, when extreme weather hits, such as the recent tornadoes down south, they play the “God as punisher” card.
Quite frankly, if God exists, I don’t think she really cares about our transgressions. She’s too busy being omniscient and creating other messes, uh, universes, trying to perfect that “In Her Image” stuff.
(Note: she hasn’t succeeded yet.)
Honestly, I don’t know if the recent storms are climate-change related or just a temporary force of nature – I’ll leave that to the scientists who have the tools to extrapolate weather patterns.
I do believe that we are rapidly destroying ourselves as a human race, and I’m not sure we can do much, if anything, about it.
I see our downward spiral as our natural progression toward oblivion.
Because free will and self-interest (money and power) are so innate within each of us that there is no other possible outcome for the human race.
We want what we want, to hell with Mother Earth and future generations. The day we were exiled from that First Garden, we made our move toward Free Will, and, ever since, we have been hurtling forward to our eventual extinction.
We live in the land of the present, our sepia way-in-the-past ancestors vague and shadowy, our way-in-the-future descendants abstractions.
Cynical? Yes!
But I stand by this opinion; the evidence so far is leading toward this eventual conclusion.
Have a nice day!


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