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Thought for the Day--March 17, 2011: ATRIM (Assess, Test, Reassess, Implement, Maintain)

Yesterday, I suggested that you Throw away all diet and lifestyle dictums and advice that don't work for and with you. But how do you begin your own personalized lifestyle program that will include both weight loss and a healthier life style? Today, I offer some general guidelines on how you can launch your new lifestyle. Let's begin with ATRIM, an acronym for Assess, Test, Reassess, Implement, Maintain. Assess: During this phase, you are gathering your personal stats, such as weight, height, build, Body Mass Index (BMI), and any other pertinent health information (such as Diabetes and insulin resistance, among other conditions), bits of important info that will help determine your optimal calories needed per day for good health and weight loss. Depending on the state of your general health, you may need to consult your physician to help you develop your personalized program (Teens under 18 and seniors over 65 should always consult a physician). Just make sure that you select

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