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An Anniversary Blast from the Past

Anita Siegel, my late mother-in-law, was a one-of-a-kind lady, with a sharp wit, cosmic sense of humor, and a great love of family and friends. She could be a pain in the posterior, and we argued a lot, but here's the thing: I felt comfortable around her, enough to be able to spar with her. In a very real sense, she was, in my adult years, a mother to me. She was good to us, and I miss her tremendously. One year, she sent us the above anniversary card, which I found during the Great 2012 Cleanup of the Siegel Household. Sweet, huh? Inside the card: I miss those hilarious moments she gave to us, but when we discover these little blasts from the past, she reminds us that she's never very far away--and always in our hearts:

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