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Thought for the Day--May 19, 2011: Should McDonald's Fire Ronald McDonald?

According to , a group called Corporate Accountability International is calling for the ouster of Ronald McDonald. Very Interesting, but it's not likely going to happen. As long as the money continues rolling in, the red-headed spokesclown will remain as a McDonald's mainstay and icon. Corporate Accountability International contends that McDonalds' product--fast-food--is making an entire generation of children sick and overweight and will ultimately shorten their lifespans. I have noticed that children are getting fatter; just go to any school or read any article with photos of kids, and you will see for yourself. When I was very young, very few fast food restaurants existed. That is not to say that you couldn't get a greasy burger or fatty hot dog at the local diner or carhop (or even at home), but it was a big deal, not an everyday meal. Moreover, kids generally ate out less and exercised in a more natural and organic manner, playing outside, doi

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