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If I Were the Food Police, I'd Ban Sweet Tea from the Daily Diet

However, I'm NOT the food police, and you will never see me collaring people in public about their eating habits and choices. Not my style. However, it's sometimes tempting... Instead, I'll offer my unsolicited advice here. Today, at a restaurant, I overhead two somewhat rotund ladies order sweet tea. Well, they weren't terribly overweight, but enough that I wanted to shout, "No, no, no!!! Please order the unsweetened tea and use artificial sweetner or drink it plain." Here's why: A 21-ounce serving of McDonalds' sweet tea has 180 calories! Okay, that might not sound like a lot, but if you add it into your daily diet, over the course of a year, that translates into 67,700 empty calories, and a potential weight gain of 18.77 pounds! Also, consumers often go for refills, yet another 180 calories (135,400 per year, 38.7 yearly weight gain!). Of course, if that's a normal part of your 1,500-1,800 per day allotment, then this might not

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