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Thought for the Day--February 12, 2011: Feed Yourself Well

Be sure to eat everything that your body needs. In other words, don't under eat. If you eat too little, your metabolism will most likely drop, and your body may go into starvation mode, especially if you are over 40. I do know this: since I upped my calories a bit and increased my exercise, I am losing weight steadily. I don't care if I lose "fast." I'd rather lose "smart." Here is one way to view this process: if you lose an average of 4 pounds a month, you will have lost 48 pounds in one year. Even a 2-pound loss per month will result in a yearly loss of 24 pounds. Either way, those numbers look pretty good. It's so tempting to start fast out of the gate, but it's just not sustainable. Just ask the tortoise . I'm in this for life. (You will hear this a lot on this blog.) Most importantly, by eating what my body needs, I am able to sustain my program long term. Ever since I started Weight Watchers' PointsPlus program, I have not felt lik

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