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Fat Fetish Industry

I have always been under the assumption that no one would choose to be morbidly obese. Evidently, I was wrong. Yesterday (September 22, 2011), Dr. Oz featured Susanne Eman , an obese woman vying for the fattest-woman-in-the-world title who embraces all 728 pounds of her body. Why? Because she, known as a "gainer," earns her living via her paid fat fetish website that caters to "feeders," men who indulge in fat fetish websites, sometimes even sending food to their objects of desire (hence, the term "feeder"). On her website, Eman eats and poses in various activities for the subscribers who pay to gawk at her. She also weighs in to show off her weight gain. According to Dr. Oz, fat fetish websites are right behind porn sites in terms of popularity and revenue. Seriously? Men pay obese women to watch them eat and parade around in skimpy clothes that emphasize their rolls of fat? I'm shocked. Hey, I'm someone who is flummoxed by intern

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