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Thought for the Day--February 23, 2011: Sitting on a Plane Over the Atlantic Ocean

Short day. I'm sitting on an Airbus, on my way to Skopje, Macedonia! How come flying is no longer fun? We are flying Austrian Air--great food (easy to track) but terrible, crampy seats. I'm short, and my knees still bump against the seat in front of me. How do tall people manage in such conditions? I'll do the best I can: watch movies and sleep ! I'll be away from the internet until March 6, so I plan to keep my Thoughts for the Day offline and then update them here when I return. By the time I post this, I'll be back! (Tip: never tell strangers that you will be away from your home and websites. Reveal your plans after the fact.) LOL Thought for the Day: Be flexible when you need to be. Assess the food in front of you, and choose the best possible items. Navigating airline food can be tricky, although a tiny salad is often served, at least on international flights. A positive: airline portions tend to be small. Couldn't resist the coconut cheesecake, although

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