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Fifteenth Anniversary of 9/11: Where Were You On That Terrible Tuesday?

Composite by Jennifer Semple Siegel, created on 9/12/2001 _________________________ My story is unremarkable, but my horror was not. At 8:46 AM, I was asleep when Flight 11 hit the North Tower. My husband nudged me awake. “The World Trade Center is on fire,” he said as he flipped on the TV, an old black and white portable. “A plane crashed into one of the towers.” I jumped out of bed, memory of the 1993 WTC bombing smoldering in my brain. Terrorism? “When I went into the shower, Katie Couric...,” he said. “By the time I was out...this.” “Terrorism,” I said. “They're not saying. Could be an accident.” But I knew. I could feel the hate vibrating in my bones. A sense of panic. I dressed without showering and went into the living room. I flipped on NBC. In living color, we saw the second plane slice into the South Tower. 9:03 AM, Flight 175. Yes. Terrorism. Jerry had classes and left for school. On a Monday-Wednesday schedule, I stayed home alone.

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