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Image -- Povus The POV Company ____________________ “I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.” – Thomas Jefferson The opinion pieces on this site have now been labeled (in search terms) as “Povus.”  How I acquired I like perusing expiring domain name auction lists. Most of the time, I don’t bid; too many of the domains are head scratchers, and their pending expiration is no surprise. (This is not to say that all expiring domains are crap; sometimes owners become ill, inattentive, and even die, allowing stunning domains to expire – but that’s another story for another day.) Today, an interesting domain popped out: Povme [dot] com, so I placed it on my watch list. I could see that the name would be garnering some bids, so I decided that it wasn’t worth it (to me). I was right: it closed at low $$$. Sorry. I would have been interested at the $25 range, but “no”

Just an .xyz Meme for the Domaining Community...

“For every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth.” – Bo Bennett ________________________ To my readers who are not domainers, this meme will be a head scratcher. But in case you are curious, check out a discussion about the new .xyz domain extension on , a domaining community.  

J.Domains -- Why I Registered a .Domains Domain Name...

J.Domains -- J Domains _____________ Occurrences in this domain are beyond the reach of exact prediction because of the variety of factors in operation, not because of any lack of order in nature. – Albert Einstein _____________________ Many of my fellow domainers have stated emphatically that they would not be registering .domains, that it was too industry related. I totally agree; this gTLD is very narrow in its scope and will not enjoy massive registration numbers. That is fairly certain, though I do believe that a significant number of domainers will change their minds and register some .domains related to their businesses, especially when general availability (GA) opens on March 12, 2014. These are not reseller names, except, perhaps, to other domainers, a relatively small community, one that tends to be parsimonious (this writer included). However, I don’t intend to sell J.Domains – I doubt if I could recoup my original investment in it (low $$$, renewal fee, h

Move Over, Dotcom: Here Comes the New .Whatever! The Ongoing gTLD “Debate”! And Let’s Go Viral!

Public Domain Photo (Remixed) Wikipedia -- Royal Navy Official Photographer ______________________ He who frames the question wins the debate. – Randall Terry __________________ This post has been divided into three parts, targeted to the following readers: 1. End users and casual internet surfers 2. Domain industry investors 3. The gTLD registries, both new and established 1. For Readers NOT Involved in the Domaining Business: If you are not in the domaining business, you are probably not yet aware of the internet disruption coming your way: the proliferation of the new gTLDs (generic top level domains), the dot-anything revolution. Eventually – perhaps sooner than you might think – you will start seeing websites that look like this: (Disclaimer: this is mine) No .com, .net, or .org. Instead, the extension (gTLD) itself is a dictionary word or branded term, often focused on a niche product area (.shoes and .land), specific bran

Dear Aunt.Sexy, I Need Urgent Advice About My Future...

Allegorie der Musik Lorenzo Lippi, 1606-1665 Wikipedia ___________________  Dear Aunt.Sexy (I blush at such a flagrant use of this s**y word and am puzzled by that strange dot between the words in this salutation), I need urgent advice about my future. I am a 17th century composer of serious musical scores, a young lady on the cusp of breaking out into a major musical career. I should very much like to continue on this path, but Father says I must marry soon, as I am 16, soon to be considered unmarriageable. As each day passes without a young man calling, Father grows more desperate for my future. My problem: I do not wish to marry – ever ! I merely want to remain in my room, writing scores, and occasionally attending concerts with my family. However, Father says I must find a well-off husband to support me. I have already sold several of my scores to famous musical houses, but under a male pseudonym, so I know that I would be able to support myself as a spin

Hey You, Sexy!

Hey You, Sexy! Remixed photo -- Wikipedia Commons Lazy Lightning _________________ .Sexy can be cool, .Sexy can be cute, .Sexy can be hip, .Sexy can be neat, .Sexy can be sweet, .Sexy doesn't have to be Triple Three D or X!

Fortune Cookie Hall of Fame – Preparation vs. Serendipity

Fortune Cookie Hall of Fame ______________________ Fortune Cookie _____________ “There is absolutely no substitute for a genuine lack of preparation.” Wow! A snarky fortune cookie – a very unusual type of message from Fortune Cookie Land. But I love it because lack of preparation can lead us down dangerous paths, for example, not thinking twice before walking in a dodgy part of town at 2:00 a.m.; such a poor decision could cost one’s life. In my line of work, not preparing before buying an expensive domain name can have terrible financial repercussions. Paying $10,000 for would be ill-advised, simply because it’s a crappy name in a crappy extension. Even purchasing a so-called wonderful name like could have devastating effects on one’s bottom line because combining Apple with its product names would open one’s company up to a dreaded Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) threat. Why? Because Apple has a trademark on

Should YOU Rebrand Yourself?

Mirror, Mirror, in my hand, Tell me, truly, my grand new brand? ____________________________ If you manage a personal blog, you might decide that it’s not worth rebranding, but it may be a good idea, especially if very few visitors are visiting your site. My former blog name was cool enough, but I didn’t have the matching domain in .com. Also, “Food for Thought” was taking me in a direction where I no longer wanted to go, at least exclusively; I was kind of stuck in food and diet topics, and I was beginning to find this boring. In addition, the search engines were burying my blog on something like page 15 because, evidently, “Food for Thought” is a highly competitive term. I selected “Life is a Brand” because branding is a popular topic, it fits my professional branding themes ( Brands Z and Brandite ), and I was able to register the matching .com, .net, and .org domains directly from the registrar, without paying aftermarket prices. For me, acquiring a cheap domain for th – WSUX

WSUX -- _________________ This is NOT a porn post; sux is simply a term that means to stink, reek, and all things that might be terrible. There is current thought that AI sux/sucks; perhaps it does or perhaps it does not. Question: Is the actual radio station KSUX considered to go against community standards? Would you put their website behind a warning? I hope not. Asking for a friend... I recently acquired this domain; I’m not sure what I want to do with it. Sell it? Develop it? Set up a humor website? A review website about all things that “suck”? Write a humorous book using WSUX as a title? Obviously, for fiction, the domain suggests a dysfunctional East coast radio or TV station, perhaps both. There is a real radio station in Sioux City, Iowa, with KSUX as its call letters; it makes a kind of sense, given that the airport designation for Sioux City’s Gateway Airport is “Sux.” (I grew up in Sioux City, but the Sux designation came about long after I moved away

Working on a Domain Project and Other Cool Things...

Elephants and grandchildren never forget. --Andy Rooney Ha, ha, isn't that the truth? I am currently working on a domain name project called Name for the Day . The blog is half built, but I love the background (shown in the above image) and the layout. I'm thinking of making some changes on this site, namely a new template, perhaps a new background. Also, there is way too much introductory material... On Monday, Jerry and I had Rhia, our granddaughter, so we went miniature golfing; it was hotter than Hades (97 degrees!!!), but it didn't seem to bother Rhia at all. We, on the other hand, looked and felt wilted, even though we were drinking lots of water. Jerry actually felt a bit sick on his stomach. We sometimes forget that we're (gasp!) senior citizens. I hadn't been miniature golfing in years, and we were all terrible at it. I did, however, make a hole-in-one, but it was just plain dumb luck. Rhia held the golf club like a baseball bat, despite our bes

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