Povus.com: Povus, POV U.S., or POV US – The POV Company?

Povus.com -- Povus
The POV Company

“I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.”
– Thomas Jefferson

The opinion pieces on this site have now been labeled (in search terms) as “Povus.” 

How I acquired Povus.com:

I like perusing expiring domain name auction lists.
Most of the time, I don’t bid; too many of the domains are head scratchers, and their pending expiration is no surprise. (This is not to say that all expiring domains are crap; sometimes owners become ill, inattentive, and even die, allowing stunning domains to expire – but that’s another story for another day.)
Today, an interesting domain popped out: Povme [dot] com, so I placed it on my watch list. I could see that the name would be garnering some bids, so I decided that it wasn’t worth it (to me).
I was right: it closed at low $$$. Sorry. I would have been interested at the $25 range, but “no” at three figures.
But, then I got an idea: what about Povus.com? I was pretty sure that it was already registered, but I always check, just in case.
Well, to my surprise, it was available, although I figured it wouldn’t be for long; I’m not the only one looking at these lists, and anyone interested in Povme might also decide to check for Povus, so I quickly registered it.
Typically, a KeywordMe carries more pop and clout than a KeywordUS, but in this particular case, I prefer the “us,” simply because this domain is more versatile and can be branded as “POV us,” POV U.S.,” or as a pronounceable brandable: “Povus,” which also means POV (Point-of-View) in Esperanto:

Who knew?
Anyway, I love the inherent meaning, sound, and desirable consonant/vowel pattern of “Povus” (CVCVC), so I have decided to use the label “Povus” for the opinions expressed on this blog and redirect Povus.com to those posts labeled as “Povus” – an op-ed section of this site (as opposed to creative works, essays, or how-to pieces).
If I were to offer this name for sale, I would sell it as “Povus: The POV Company.”
However, for now, it’s not for sale.
By the way, the Thomas Jefferson quote at the beginning is so true; if I limited my friend list to just people who think as I think, my list would be very short, indeed.
All I ask, in the name of civilized discourse: please don’t call me names just because I disagree with you.
Until next time!


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