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Thought for the Day--April 10, 2011: Don't Give Up!

Today is the last day of my "No extra PointsPlus" week, with good success so far. I had had two bad food weeks* in a row, something I obviously need to work on. Why do I cave when a piece of Key Lime pie or a plate of Chicken Pad Thai is placed in front of me? Why do such foods tend to kick in urges to overeat and then kick in mini-binges? I don't know. Of course, the thin people all around me also accepted and ate the Key Lime pie, but with one major difference: THEY ate only part of it. They drew a line in the pie and stopped eating it. I ate the whole thing, right down to the blob of whipped cream (and it wasn't a small slice, either). Like 99.9% of the human population, I'm a work in progress, and my Achilles Heel happens to be food, in particular, bad carbs, sugar, anything crunchy and fatty, etc. By the way, I have never met the perfect .1%; I'm sure they exist, but they must live in another realm, not accessible to you and me (LOL). Okay, so why I am I

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