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Customer No Service and "Loyalty" Cards...

I'll take 50% efficiency to get 100% loyalty. --Samuel Goldwyn Okay, so, last Sunday, I was in the process of buying a pair of slacks (on sale, of course, a very tony brand at a rock-bottom price) at a well-known department store chain, when the sales associate asked if I wanted to sign up for a loyalty card. She noted that it was free and that I would earn points toward this purchase and my future ones. "Sure," I said, not all that excited about it, but, still, if I could earn points, why not? So she took my info and rang me up. But, then, she realized she had made a mistake, and my info hadn't registered properly, thus voiding the card she had just issued. So you would think that she would simply re-ring my purchase, re-enter my info, and reissue me a new card, right? Wrong. Instead, she said, "Oh, it would be such a hassle to do this again." Too close to quittin' time, I guess. "So, I'll give you the company's 800 number and you can sort

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