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Flaunt (us) Or Does My Butt Look Big?

You've got IT , so flaunt it! --The webmaster No matter what weight, age, race, ethic group, sex, sexual orientation, etc., sometimes we just need to strut our stuff. Even if we don't feel especially outstanding in any significant way, at times we need to present ourselves to the world in the way we want to be seen. As an overweight older person, I want to present myself in the best light possible; I'm not going to wear a belly-exposing tee-shirt or shorts that expose my butt cheeks or crack. I'm going to wear clothes that minimize my physical weaknesses, for example, my large upper arms and my bustiness (yes, I see that as a weakness and a burden I have endured since age 12). On the other hand, I like my legs and don't mind showing a little upper leg. I also love jewelry, mostly stone necklaces and ostentatious bling rings with huge stones, the bigger, the better, most of them fake or inexpensive stones. The point is: we should flaunt those attribut

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