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Thought for the Day--March 4, 2011: Tracking

Tadim Sunflower Seeds--Made in Turkey I wish I could find this brand in the States, without having to special order them. _________________________ I haven't been tracking during this vacation. I'm not going to make excuses for myself; if I were going to live in Skopje long term (like I did last year, and it's possible I might again), I would have to bite the bullet and force myself to track, even with the complications of not having some of the support foods that I enjoy in the States, such as Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones meals. However, some other foods are awesome, such as oranges and apples. Fruit seems to taste better here. Also, the sunflower seeds (Tadim brand) taste much better here, not so much salt and a longer shell and more substantial seed. On the other hand, the carrots I bought at the supermarket were tasteless and cardboardy. One thing that is different about visiting a place and living there: when you visit, you socialize a lot more in a short period of tim

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