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Fortune Cookie Hall of Fame: Failing to Plan

Fortune Cookie Hall of Fame: Failing to Plan _________________________________ Failing to plan is failing to plan. Simple, sweet, and oh so true. However, there is a flip side: over-planning can lead to inaction – remember Hamlet? Also, there is something to be said for serendipity and spontaneity, such as embarking on a last-minute vacation or buying something kicky (and inexpensive) on the spur of the moment. For major life-decisions, planning is a must, for example, planning for a baby, college, marriage, and retirement. These are decisions that should involve careful planning. Alas, my husband and I did not win the big Mega Millions Jackpot ($636 million!) last night, but two lucky ticket holders did: one from San Jose, California, and one from Atlanta, Georgia. These folks will have a lot of financial planning to do, deciding how to invest their fortunes and what friends and family will share in their windfall. From what I have heard, such a large windfall

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