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Thought for the Day--February 5, 2011: Portion Distortion

Feed your body right; give it what it needs and wants--just not too much or too little. I learned a new term: Portion Distortion Learning reasonable weights and measures takes time and training. If you are reading this blog, then you probably have (or have had) a skewed perception of food portion size. For the past five months, I have been training myself in the art of eyeballing correct portions, and I'm just beginning to perceive a good balance of foods.

Thought for the Day--January 28, 2011: Savor Your Food

Enjoy and savor your favorite foods, but watch those portions--it's easy for them to creep up!

Thought for the Day--January 12, 2011--Magic Pop!

Portion control is the new sexy. Having your cake and eating it too is what it's all about. But what do you do when you feel hungry, even after you have already eaten your cake? One solution: a new product called Kim's Magic Pop . It's big, fluffy, zero fat, low carb, and only 15 calories. Best of all, it's TASTY!

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