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Heads Up to Sears Repair Department

Sears _____________ So, yesterday, after washing a load of fussy whites (socks, undershirts, sheets), I discovered that my eight-year-old Kenmore dryer was dead, dead, dead. “Ugh,” I thought, considering what to do with the rather large load sitting inside the dryer like a soggy lump. Having lived overseas without access to a dryer, this was not a big deal, but my very American house is not set up for air drying clothes, and, besides, I was feeling kinda lazy after having shoveled snow earlier. How to call Sears? I couldn’t remember where the warranty info was, which was moot, anyway, but I needed to find the phone number and (I thought) all the model and serial numbers. So I looked on the dryer itself. Hark! The 800 number (which is 1-800-4-My-Home, by the way), and everything else I needed was right on the front inside, near the door. When I called, I did get the phone tree, but it was based on voice recognition and only required me to answer a few basic questions,

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