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“Dealer’s Hand”: The.Best.Lead. – EVER...

F Hadley, 1971 Paris Street After a Rain (The Webmaster's title) Apologies for the awful photograph ___________________ Well, okay. Maybe I’m overstating my opinion, but let’s just say that I have stumbled upon one of the best lead-ins I have ever encountered in a magazine article, a form not typically viewed as great literature. “Dealer’s Hand,” a profile of David Zwirner, a noted gallery owner who caters to the insanely rich and famous – not just mere millionaires – takes the reader into the world of high-end art sales and buying (Nick Paumgarten, The New Yorker , December 2, 2013). The first paragraph – hell, the first sentence – sucks in the reader totally and sets the tone for the rest of the profile: Very important people line up differently from you and me. They don’t want to stand behind anyone else, or to acknowledge wanting something that can’t immediately be had. If there’s a door they’re eager to pass through, and hundreds of equally or even more impo

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