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Thought for the Day--April 26, 2011: Fostering Self-esteem in Teens

Jennifer Semple, age 16, 1966 Reverse of the above photograph _____________________________ Oh the innocent girl in her maiden teens knows perfectly well what everything means. --D. H. Lawrence Very few people like their school photographs, but I was absolutely floored when I ran across the above photo. As photos go, it's no better or worse than any other high school photo, but the message of self-loathing on its reverse really saddens me, for it reminds me how troubled I was as a teen. Context: I was planning to send this photo to Hans, a German penpal, but I must have thought better of it (or, perhaps, he did send it back--I don't remember--if so, then shame on him). The text on the reverse: Hans, I know this photo is absolutely shocking, Please bear with it: It's awful, & I look like a blimp in it, & if you don't like it, send it back. Tell me if you don't like it. Bless my late grandmother Mo (or Moo), who made this notation: Cute Moo I'm sure that

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