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Movie: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

“‘You were a child once, too.’ That’s what Mister Rogers said, that’s what he wrote down, once upon a time.” ~ Tom Junod, quoting Mister Rogers, in “Can You Say…Hero?” ( Esquire , November 1998) ________________________ I just saw A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood , starring Tom Hanks and Matthew Rhys. Yes, yes, yes! One of the best movies I have ever seen. If you haven’t seen it or read anything about it, it will not be about what you think it might be. It’s difficult to describe without giving important parts of it away, so I won’t. Just watch the trailer. For those who have seen the movie, here is the link to “Can You Say…Hero?”, the article on which the movie is based . If you haven’t seen the movie, please don’t read this article until you have seen the movie. Trust me on this. Go ahead and print it out or save it on your computer for later, but see the movie first. My heart is full. Rotten Tomatoes review . 95%!!!

BMI (Body Mass Index)

Knowledge is Power! _______________________________________________ Do you know your Body Mass Index (BMI)? If not, be sure to use the handy BMI calculator on this site, courtesy of the CDC . Just scroll down past the comment section and then plug in your height and weight. What do the numbers mean? If your BMI is below 18.5, you are underweight. If your BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9, you are normal weight. If your BMI is between 25 and 29.9, you are overweight. If your BMI is between 30 and 34.9, you are considered to be class I obese. If your BMI is between 35 and 39.9, you are considered to be class II obese. If your BMI is 40 or above, you are considered to be class III obese (also known as "super obesity," a medically dangerous situation.) --From Obesity (Wikipedia) If you fall into one of the three obesity categories, then you should consult with your doctor for a plan of action. Your physician can refer you to an obesity specialist who can

A Beautiful Day of Babies and Baseball...

Jennifer with baby Henry (twin Owen was asleep) ____________________________ Any pitcher who might throw at me should know I'm not giving up my day job or trying to get anyone else's job. I just can't think of anything cooler than being one of the boys of summer! --Garth Brooks Yesterday was like a holiday; we went to Mark's (my brother-in-law) for crabs, ham, fruit salad watermelon, and babies, both new and older. We saw two-year Sean for the first time since 2009 (other than on Facebook)--how he has grown, and so smart, too! Lots of blond hair and big brown eyes. In the above photo (sorry about the poor quality; it's a cell phone image), I'm holding a very content and happy Henry. I later held Owen, but no pic of that. Owen is smaller of the two, but other than that, they are identical twins, perhaps mirror image! Cute as buttons. Later, Jerry and I met Harvey and Charlie in Baltimore for the O's game; Unfortunately, the St. Louis Cardinals soundly beat th

Breaking News! Consumer Reports Offers a Lame Response to the Critics of the Diet Program Rankings

If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it? --Albert Einstein Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals. --David Ogilvy The critics are finally discovering what I posted about last month about Consumer Reports' ranking of diet programs . Meanwhile, the media machine has already spread the "best" program "news" like a virus. The Google search term "Jenny Craig Best Program" (with quotes) has returned (as of June 7) about 47,000 results. Very few "critical" entries of the Consumer Reports diet program rankings. No exact results for the terms "critics of diet ratings" or "critics of diet rating." Nothing for "critics of Jenny Craig diet rating." Zip for "critics of Consumer Reports diet rating" and zero for "critics of Consumer Reports diet ratings." But buried within the rah, rah po

The (Rigged) Bingo Game

All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion, desire. --Aristotle Last night, I dreamt that I was playing a high-stakes Bingo game. The prize: $1,000,000 But some of the numbers on the Bingo card were wrong; for example, "1" was placed under "I." To win, I needed just one number; unfortunately, that was the "I-1" number. I tried to tell the Bingo caller that my card was faulty. He couldn't (or wouldn't) hear me, so the game played on. In the face of impossibility, I kept rooting for "I-1" to be called. But in my heart, I realized that my winning number would never be called; the game, fixed in favor of someone else, had been stacked against me. I awakened angry and lamenting the unfairness of life. However, I have come to realize that we often play games that offer no chance of winning. Extreme dieting, defined as an eating plan that no normal-weight

A Buddha Prayer (from the Pali Canon)

Fritz Perls based The Gestalt Prayer from Buddha's teachings: Do not hark back to things that passed, And for the future cherish no fond hopes; The past was left behind by thee, The future state has not yet come. But who with vision clear can see The present which is here and now Such wise one should aspire to win What never can be lost or shaken.

Thought for the Day--April 8, 2011--Baltimore Orioles Win (Again)!

Last night's Baltimore Orioles game (vs Detroit Tigers) was like a big gangly dog, sloppy and slurpy, licking and loving its fans while wrangling its Tiger foe. What a fun game for those who like to see the big bats swing and don't mind the uneven pitching. Score: 9-5 Read more GO O's!!!

Thought for the Day--March 23, 2011: Body and Soul

Luann, by Greg Evans--March 23, 2011 ___________________________________ Mrs. Horner, a wise character in the comic strip Luann , says to Luann, a teen who is obsessed with attaining outer beauty: We all change our clothes, dear, but not our souls. It's very true that our bodies are but temporary vessels. As we age, body parts head south, no matter how thin or fat you might be. It's just the way things are. If you are fortunate enough to reach old age, you will experience the natural aging process: wrinkles, saggy bosom and bottom, wattle chin, flabby arms, creaky joints, etc. Keep in mind that losing weight is only part of the equation in making positive life changes; you need to work on your inner beauty as well. If you are young, this certainty of life may be difficult to comprehend, but just know this: If your soul is disordered, then it doesn't matter how lovely you are on the outside. Keep up the good work!

Thought for the Day--March 7, 2011: Back on Track

No matter what has happened in the past, getting on track today is what's important. Confession: I did not track my food during my trip abroad. I could have (although it would have been difficult), but I made the choice not to. So what to do now? Press forward.

Memoir Madness: Driven to Involuntary Commitment