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Interview with a Naturally Slim Person: Harvey M. Rapp of Columbia, Maryland, and Some Surprising Facts About His Approach to Foods

Harvey Rapp (right), posing with former Baltimore Oriole Boog Powell (left) at Camden Yards ______________________________ In Harvey Rapp's world, no hand goes unshaken. --The Webmaster To be social is to be forgiving. --Robert Frost For all of us who struggle with weight and eating issues, here's the burning question: How do slim people remain slim all their lives? In a series of interviews with both naturally slim and "thin-by-design" people (who have remained slim for two or more years after shedding their excess weight), I hope to unlock the secrets to a successful weight maintenance protocol. My first interviewee: Harvey Rapp, of Columbia, Maryland. Dr. Rapp, 65+, a psychologist in private practice, has been slim his entire life and has never had to diet. Before setting up his private practice in 1980, he taught for 10 years at Loyola University as an adjunct associate professor. The decision to give up tenure for self-employment was difficult

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