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Thoughts on Prince Charles

Photo by Dan Marsh ____________ I'm fortunate. If I do something incredibly stupid, no one cares. No newspaper, celebrity rag, or website is going splash my misdeeds all over the world. I'm just another anonymous person, living in plain sight, doing regular stupid things and pretty much getting away with them. Hell, I can't even get anyone to read about my teen foibles, given that my memoir sits at the bottom of Amazon's list, and I did a lot of really stupid stuff . Prince Charles doesn't enjoy that anonymity; everything he does is well-documented, from his doomed marriage to Princess Di to his phone conversation (taped) in which he revealed to his paramour Camilla that he wished she were his tampon -- yikes! I have never wished to be someone's tampon, and even if I had, no one would give a gosh-durn. I never thought too much about Prince Charles or the royals in general, but Time's  November 4, 2013, profile of the beleaguered Prince has c

Memoir Madness: Driven to Involuntary Commitment