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“No Room for You”: Is It Time to Move Past Discrimination and “Isms” All Its Forms?

No Room for You? ___________________ “We are trying to construct a more inclusive society. We are going to make a country in which no one is left out.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt _____________________________________________ Thank goodness Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed that awful (and probably unconstitutional) Senate bill 1062, the bill designed to institutionalize discrimination against gays (but cloaked under “religious freedom”). I’m not going to debate this issue – just to say that opening the door to discrimination based on someone’s “ism” is dangerous and scary to comprehend, greasing the already slippery slope to fascism. But I want to look at another side of discrimination and show how it can affect our lives as well. This failed anti-gay bill has reminded me of an incident that happened to me and my husband in the early 1990’s. We were planning an overnight trip to New York City and were looking for an inexpensive hotel – or, at least, a cheaper hote

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