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Thought for the Day--February 26, 2011: New Foods

Flier for Vege Kana, Skopje, Macedonia ___________________________ Try new foods; it's good for body and soul. Tonight, we were invited to the grand opening of Vege Kana, a new vegetarian restaurant here in Skopje. The owners are Hare Krishna, but these gentle people seem to have little in common with the stereotypical Hare Krishna of the 1980s. The food was delightful! I would have never thought that a vegetarian place could make it in meat-loving Skopje, but the sample dishes were outstanding. With food like this, I could easily become a vegetarian, well, at least for a few days a week... I particularly like the sesame honey balls; I ate three of them. Sometimes it just pays to go with the flow. After the grand opening, we invited my friend Dean (pronounced "Day-on") Sharkov, owner of Deko , a jewelry and mineral specimen shop near the Greek Embassy, to the flat for coffee. Dean is a jewelry craftsman and is largely responsible for getting the Macedonian Ruby known th

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