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Decluttering and Shedding STUFF and Battling Affluenza, the American Disease

Zayre's Receipt From 9/24/1989 Found in My Attic on 1/16/2012 ___________________________________________ My hubby and I suffer from a uniquely American disease called Affluenza : too much "stuff" and not enough room for it. After a financially bleak 1980's to the mid 1990's, we went on a buying spree that has lasted through the 21st century. Actually, it's not the buying that has landed us in a house stuffed full of "stuff." It's the not getting rid of old stuff that the new stuff was supposed to replace. Our attic looks like those homes featured on Hoarders : stacked boxes and boxes and boxes, some of them marked "1988." 1988? Seriously? The house itself, while a little full and messy, is still in the manageable range, but on the edge of Hoarders' territory. Dishes are always done, kitchen and food organized, bed made, laundry up-to-date, things mostly put away. However, it's got that bulgy look of having too many

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