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Dear Google: Thank You! (And How to Paragraph on Blogger)

Google ____________ Dear Google, In the past, I have complained mightily, especially when you changed the blogger platform from the really simple one to the current one. There is still much that I don’t like about the platform – in particular the lighter print and heavily-laden bells and whistles, which takes blogger forever to load, and being forced to change over to Chrome to take advantage of the positive changes. Putting all that aside, I will tell you, my readers, what I love about the new platform and how to create your own sweet-looking posts. Have you noticed that my recent posts are nicely paragraphed and spaced (almost unheard of on blogs)? That I can now use curly quotation marks instead of the straight up and down ones? That my spacing makes my text easier to read? All of this without writing one whit of code. How can that be? First, I write my post on MS Word, highlight it with my mouse, hit “Ctrl+c”, and move the text to my blogger post box (Ctrl+v)

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