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What Happens When the Fat Lady Sings--Part I: Journeys (Chapter 4)

Journeys Nicole’s latest letter arrives just a few days before Sheldon and I leave for Sioux City. How does she expect me to answer? I just don’t understand her, this brown-eyed child of mine, this child who has demanded her independence from day one. From a distance, you see this lovely 20-year-old girl, with long black hair, long legs, slim body. When she sashays into a room, she makes an entrance. Heads turn. Men drool. Women round up their men and cling to them. You wonder how she slides through life so effortlessly. But when you meet her up close, you notice that her eyes are glazed, her hair not quite clean, her teeth gray, her skin bad, her mind dulled from years of drug and alcohol abuse. Not the willful child who struggled out of my body. Read more here .

Memoir Madness: Driven to Involuntary Commitment