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Junk Phone Calls From Charities – What Makes You Think I Want to Donate After You Have Royally Pissed Me Off?

National Do Not Call Registry _________ It happens again today. I’m sound asleep, and my land line phone rings. A woman from a major charity (so she says) starts in with a scripted appeal for a donation for her “good cause.” I don’t know about you, but (1) I despise these calls because (2) I don’t trust them, (3) and they’re intrusive and annoying. They always seem to come at the wrong time. Groggy and upset at being awakened, I ask to be removed from her calling list, but she keeps saying that if I donate just this one time , she’ll make sure that my name is removed. Yeah, right. I can’t seem to make her understand that I don’t want to donate over the phone; I simply don’t trust her or her motives. Furthermore, I have no wish to continue this conversation. We get into a bit of a snarkfest as I try to tell her (nicely) to get lost. She doesn’t hear a word I’m saying as she robotically attempts getting back on her script. While she’s still talking (yak, yak

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