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Weight Watchers' Weight Maintenance Program: Success or Failure?

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other. --Abraham Lincoln How well does Weight Watchers do in helping their members manage maintenance? I know for a fact that Weight Watchers offers a good maintenance program for its graduates, a.k.a. Lifetime members, but why do so many members fail at maintenance and, as a consequence, end up returning again and again to WW to lose the weight they have regained? To understand WW members' frustration, one just has to go on this posting on Weight Watchers' Facebook. When Consumer Reports rated the best diet programs, the editors rated Weight Watchers as the second best program, basing their opinion on the fact the fact that soup, high in sodium, was offered as a menu option to help dieters to stave off hunger. Never mind that this was just a sample menu among many other sample menus. In other words, Consumer Reports was splitting hairs and needed to justify selecting another progr

REMINDER: Honor Your Mother on Sunday, May 8 (Mother's Day!)

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. --Abraham Lincoln If you are fortunate enough to still have your mother, stepmother, and/or mother-in-law, don't forget to honor her on Sunday. If you live geographically close, perhaps take her out to a nice restaurant (not necessarily expensive) and spend some time with her. She doesn't care about expensive gifts; she just wants to spend some time with you. If you are separated geographically, then send her a card and call her; although you cannot take her out, she'll be happy just to hear your voice. I lost my mother in 1979, my wonderful (albeit imperfect) grandmother (who acted as my mother) in 1987, and my beloved mother-in-law in 2006. I would give anything to have my "mothers" back. :=) Be cool, CF.

Memoir Madness: Driven to Involuntary Commitment