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Go Daddy Security Breached by Social Engineering Tactic; a Go Daddy User’s Account Stolen. What Next?

Remixed Photo Original from Wikipedia ___________________   I like Go Daddy. I love the domain interface, the reasonable prices, coupons, and the strong support that I enjoy. Despite what others say, Go Daddy is growing up and finally donning its long pants – one sees fewer cheesecake ads and more professionalism in its marketing, and that is a good thing, although I still find the incessant upselling highly annoying. Too much of a good thing (from a marketing standpoint) can result in diminishing returns very quickly. Another story for another day. But, alas, this fairly young company seems to be experiencing growing pains and seems to be behind the curve in terms of security. A recent shocking – and successful – social engineering tactic has rocked the domaining and tech worlds. Here is the first  person account of how Naoki Hiroshima, the victim, lost his Twitter handle “N” via Go Daddy: How I lost my $50,000 Twitter Username . This is Go Daddy’s response:

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