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A Miracle! The Virgin Mary of the Forest!

Our Virgin Mary of the Forest _________________________ I think all of us create our own miracles. – Michael Landon _______________________ The Virgin Mary walks the forest – at least that’s what your eyes are telling you as you look at the above photograph. But I guarantee you: this is no miracle, unless you believe that Photoshopping is a miracle. This photo is 100% fake. I know – because I’m the one who faked it. Lately, I have been seeing myriad Facebook photos on my timeline depicting miracles, usually a ghostly Jesus or the Virgin Mary floating in the sky or appearing as a misty figure in various places. Usually, these gems are accompanied by pleas to share the miracle so that good things can happen to those who share. In the old days, it took a lot of skill to create deceptive photographs, but with the advent of Adobe and other art tools on the computer, just about anyone can easily fake a credible “miracle” photo, which I have done here. It makes me

Moonocababa -- New-ish Catchphrase

Moonocababa ____________ It looks as though "Moonocababa" refers to a "Mom Text." I wonder if this particular mom knows its true meaning? ???

Facebook Comunity: Fabulous You (

I have finally figured out how to create a community page that isn't dependent upon my personal page, which is limited to my Facebook friends. I invite all Facebook members to visit my open community page: Fabulous You Fabulous You is a space where fans of healthy living and good eating can share their general fitness, weight loss and maintenance, and feel-good anecdotes. If you like what you see, then click on the "Like" button. Fans may post questions about their fitness and diet journeys and announce any special events related to fitness, diet, and exercise. Fans may also post their concerns about fad diets, overall dangerous diet programs, and diet oddities. Fabulous You is open to anyone and is accessible to everyone to view and Facebook members to like.

Thought for the Day--April 29, 2011: Fabulous You!

The new URL for Fabulous You on Facebook: Fabulous You! Description: Fabulous You! is a spot where group members can share their general fitness and diet tips and feel-good anecdotes. For more info, go directly to the page or click here

Memoir Madness: Driven to Involuntary Commitment