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“t of cold” (Patruno Sherling, Spammer Lifting Text From a Writer Who Himself Piggybacked Upon Edgar Allan Poe – Regurgitated Here Yet Again): A Commentary on Modern Poetry

Remixed Photo – Seedermaster Wikipedia Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance. —Carl Sandburg   ________________________ [Ed. note: This usurped text from an email spam folder has been found to be original text from The Black Cat : A Play in Three Acts (based on a Edgar Allan Poe short story), by John Todhunter, and released into the public domain for any use, including, presumably, for that of notorious email spammers selling dodgy products or setting up malware links for incredibly stupid recipients who click on anything.]  [As found, except for manipulated line breaks, removed character names, some punctuation tweaks, and upper and lower case changes.] [I] mean to live it out. But your husband? You married again, did you not? Yes. Fancy a woman making that mistake twice! But, you see, I was in an equivocal position. I had left my first husband; I don’t want to conceal my misdeeds, Oh, don’t expect paving stones fro

I am a Total Blockzilla and Proud of It!!! And a Thieving Poet, Too!!!

Image is for sale at Go Daddy ________________ Call me Blockzilla. This blog is moderated, which means I get to decide whether or not to accept your comment before your comment is ever published. If you visit my blog and post spam and dodgy links, I will reject your comment. For starters, I want to protect bona fide visitors from being tempted to click on your suspicious links. Your lame “comments” are easy to spot: your text proves that you have never even read the post but are just hitting and spamming random blogs. Oh, and then there are the funky-looking links for such products as male enhancement drugs, hinky software, malware sites, yada, yada, yada. Although I have deleted any possibility for your comments (with links) to see the light of day, I still have copies of your comments, so I have decided to use your text for what is called a “found poem.” How cool is that? While I have rearranged your text into poetic lines, I have retained your atrocio

Memoir Madness: Driven to Involuntary Commitment