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The Great Toilet Debate of 2016: A Solution in Search of a Problem

“Bathroom Bills” Are A “Solution in Search Of A Problem” – Chris Wallace, Fox News Host __________________   I am absolutely gobsmacked at the passion that this non-issue has created in such a short period of time; I (and others) have been blocked on Facebook by hysterical parents who feel that pedophiles will molest their children if we allow transgender people to use the restroom of the gender that does not match their birth certificate. Well, let’s get this truth out of the way right now: Male or female, you, like it or not, have most likely shared a public restroom with a transgender person and didn’t even know it. As the law stands now, a muscled, tattooed guy is not likely to hang out in the ladies’ room, and a lithe, frilly gal is not going to stand next to you at the urinal. But mull on these unintended consequences of Gender Laws for Public Restrooms: 1.        If laws specifying that if people must use the rest room that matches their birth certifica

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