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Thought for the Day--April 27, 2011: Transitions

Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome. --Isaac Asimov Yesterday was very hot, about 83 degrees, high humidity, not the day to cook much of anything, let alone an oven meal. But I made baked chicken with gravy, onions, and carrots, baked potatoes on the side, and a steamed vegetable medley. The kitchen was about as hot as it could get and not be considered hell. Well, maybe it was hell. In July, I wouldn't even consider using my oven, but these transitional times between seasons seem to mess with our heads, and we carry over behaviors from the previous season (e.g., wearing shorts in late October when it's 55 degrees). Given that most of April was chilly, yesterday's heat was a huge surprise. Even when hot weather is predicted, our bodies don't quite believe that spring and summer are impending, so we feel awkward switching to summer foods and clothes. Still, my husband liked our dinner (low fat, even the gravy) and complim

Thought for the Day--March 23, 2011: Body and Soul

Luann, by Greg Evans--March 23, 2011 ___________________________________ Mrs. Horner, a wise character in the comic strip Luann , says to Luann, a teen who is obsessed with attaining outer beauty: We all change our clothes, dear, but not our souls. It's very true that our bodies are but temporary vessels. As we age, body parts head south, no matter how thin or fat you might be. It's just the way things are. If you are fortunate enough to reach old age, you will experience the natural aging process: wrinkles, saggy bosom and bottom, wattle chin, flabby arms, creaky joints, etc. Keep in mind that losing weight is only part of the equation in making positive life changes; you need to work on your inner beauty as well. If you are young, this certainty of life may be difficult to comprehend, but just know this: If your soul is disordered, then it doesn't matter how lovely you are on the outside. Keep up the good work!

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