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“The Early Bird Gets the Worm, But the Second Mouse Gets the Cheese”

The Second Mouse Checks Out His Cheese Inventory Photograph is from two Wikipedia sources: Cheese: Zerohund Mouse: Iketsi _______________________ I heard this quote on last night’s Criminal Minds (“The Road Home,” original airdate: January 22, 2014) and thought it was quite hilarious (although not so much for First Mouse). After laughing at the seeming absurdity, I realized that there is much truth in that statement; being First Mouse to approach the trap, filled with a seductive cheese treat, is not a good place to be. Meanwhile, cagey Second Mouse, perhaps sniffing something amiss, awaits in the shadows. Aw, snap! We can all figure out what happens next – Second Mouse wends his way around the corpse of First Mouse and claims his prize... This quote can serve as a metaphor for what happens in the business world, especially in the tech sector. Time and time again, First Mouse builds a site, develops it, and, for a time, enjoys success. Then Second Mouse swoops i

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