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Should YOU Rebrand Yourself?

Mirror, Mirror, in my hand, Tell me, truly, my grand new brand? ____________________________ If you manage a personal blog, you might decide that it’s not worth rebranding, but it may be a good idea, especially if very few visitors are visiting your site. My former blog name was cool enough, but I didn’t have the matching domain in .com. Also, “Food for Thought” was taking me in a direction where I no longer wanted to go, at least exclusively; I was kind of stuck in food and diet topics, and I was beginning to find this boring. In addition, the search engines were burying my blog on something like page 15 because, evidently, “Food for Thought” is a highly competitive term. I selected “Life is a Brand” because branding is a popular topic, it fits my professional branding themes ( Brands Z and Brandite ), and I was able to register the matching .com, .net, and .org domains directly from the registrar, without paying aftermarket prices. For me, acquiring a cheap domain for th

How to Make a Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg

Brown Egg Photographer: Sun Ladder Wikipedia __________ “The vulgar boil, the learned roast, an egg.” – Alexander Pope. Are you tired of eating rubbery hard-boiled eggs that have that yucky-looking gray ring around the yolk? The hard-boiled egg is one of the easiest foods to prepare, but if you want your egg to come out perfect, you have to cook it the right way. Here is the fail-safe recipe for tender and grayless hard-boiled eggs: 1.   Fill a medium-size soup pan with cold water. 2.   Place 4-6 eggs in the pan, making sure that you use enough water that the eggs will float without touching the bottom of the pan. 3.   Bring water to a boil, but don’t allow the water to actually boil. 4.   Just before the boiling point (you’ll see bubbles beginning to form), take the pan off the burner, cover, and allow to sit for 20 minutes. The steaming, hot water will cook the eggs the rest of the way. 5.   After 20 minutes, immediately drain the water from the pan and

Memoir Madness: Driven to Involuntary Commitment