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WSUX -- _________________ This is NOT a porn post; sux is simply a term that means to stink, reek, and all things that might be terrible. There is current thought that AI sux/sucks; perhaps it does or perhaps it does not. Question: Is the actual radio station KSUX considered to go against community standards? Would you put their website behind a warning? I hope not. Asking for a friend... I recently acquired this domain; I’m not sure what I want to do with it. Sell it? Develop it? Set up a humor website? A review website about all things that “suck”? Write a humorous book using WSUX as a title? Obviously, for fiction, the domain suggests a dysfunctional East coast radio or TV station, perhaps both. There is a real radio station in Sioux City, Iowa, with KSUX as its call letters; it makes a kind of sense, given that the airport designation for Sioux City’s Gateway Airport is “Sux.” (I grew up in Sioux City, but the Sux designation came about long after I moved away

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