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Life is a Brand -- My Life Brand

I grew up in an era where “brands” belonged to large corporations like Johnson & Johnson, Ford, and IBM, not ordinary folk like me. It never occurred to me that my personal blog might need branding, but, apparently, I’m supposed to be promoting and branding my life, and, perhaps, make a little green with it – Seriously. The whole thing makes me a bit queasy: who wants to be associated with branded-to-the-hilt Paris Hilton and anything Kardashian? With a few exceptions, my life has been rather mundane, my day-to-day activities a snore to outsiders and maybe even to family. Do you really want to read about my ailments, gripes, and gossip about people you don’t know? A blow by blow narrative of my trip to Disney World? Photos of people you don’t know? (I thought not.) I use Facebook for that. Still, I have been wanting to get away from such an intensive focus on food/dieting and start focusing on...well, I dunno. I’m not young, I’m not drop dead gorgeous, and I can

Memoir Madness: Driven to Involuntary Commitment