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Go Daddy: How to Set Up a Custom Domain Name

Custom Domains _____________ You see the URL in the browser box? Although this blog is hosted on Blogger and has at its root a blogger address ( — go ahead, check it out, and click on it), the home page address that you actually see is . (You might see more stuff after the .com, but that is just the sub URL info for this specific post). How can this be? Easy. I have set up a custom domain, and you can set up your own custom address for your Blogger site. I’ll tell you how. These instructions are for Go Daddy domains. For domains at other registrars, you will need to get in touch with your registrar’s support or Google forums, but it can be done through most registrars. This process looks more complicated than it is, simply because you need to flip back and forth between your Go Daddy and Blogger accounts. There are a lot of parts to this process, but if you understand that you’re simply sending coded messa

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