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S.O.S. for Pauline Potter! You Go, Girl! You Have Many Supporters

In a desperate attempt to get help with her weight , Pauline Potter , deemed the heaviest woman in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records , has turned to the media for help. According to a September 6, 2011, Huff Post Weird News story , Ms. Potter was not interested in gaining Guinness fame for the sake of of being obese but to reach out for help. Pauline, all I can say is that I understand your desire to get healthy and slimmer. I can't pretend to understand what it's like weighing 700 pounds, but I do know what it's like weighing over 200 and not being able to fit in chairs and restaurant booths properly. I know what it's like just being able to lock the seat belt on an airplane, knowing that I was just 10-15 pounds from an extension. I understand how icky it feels when someone points at you and pokes fun at your body. (Once, at the mall, some lunkhead boys shot rubber bands at my rear end.) I also understand not being able to walk a block without bein

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