S.O.S. for Pauline Potter! You Go, Girl! You Have Many Supporters

In a desperate attempt to get help with her weight, Pauline Potter, deemed the heaviest woman in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records, has turned to the media for help.

According to a September 6, 2011, Huff Post Weird News story, Ms. Potter was not interested in gaining Guinness fame for the sake of of being obese but to reach out for help.

Pauline, all I can say is that I understand your desire to get healthy and slimmer. I can't pretend to understand what it's like weighing 700 pounds, but I do know what it's like weighing over 200 and not being able to fit in chairs and restaurant booths properly. I know what it's like just being able to lock the seat belt on an airplane, knowing that I was just 10-15 pounds from an extension.

I understand how icky it feels when someone points at you and pokes fun at your body. (Once, at the mall, some lunkhead boys shot rubber bands at my rear end.) I also understand not being able to walk a block without being winded and feeling lousy all the time.

Dr. Drew interviewed Potter on September 14, 2011, but it is unclear if he plans to help her.

What she needs is for a clinic and/or TV show to reach out to her, perhaps even an organization like Weight Watchers to offer her a free e-tools account for a year and a personal weekly visit by a Weight Watchers' leader.

Another option: I don't normally advocate liquid diets, but Ms. Potter's case may be an exception, BUT it MUST be a closely monitored program by a physician, perhaps even in a hospital or specialized clinic.

It doesn't matter how Ms. Potter got so obese; in various interviews, she has claimed her own responsibility, having admitted her penchant for sweets and fattening foods.

HOWEVER, I remained convinced that part of her problem is metabolic and/or heredity, perhaps a super insulin resistance--or even something not yet understood by medical science.

Dr. Phil? Dr. Oz? And, yes, even Oprah, PLEASE help Pauline Potter.

She is desperate to relinquish her dubious Guinness crown.

But most importantly, her life may be at risk.

If it helps, at least one person cares what happens to Pauline Potter. I'm going to follow her progress.

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