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Thought for the Day--March 10, 2011: Getting Through Difficult Days

Kellogg's FiberPlus Bars*, Caramel Coconut Fudge. Healthy and Yummy. _________________________________ Yesterday and Tuesday were difficult days for me; I was voraciously hungry and wanted to eat everything in sight. I also woke up much earlier than usual (3:00 a.m.). I felt like a total mess. I suspect that my circadian cycle was still mixed up from residual jet lag. Whatever the reason for difficult hunger days, there are ways to mitigate any damage: 1. Eat more raw vegetables and fruits. If you are truly hungry (which I was), these foods will help satisfy you. 2. If you are on Weight Watchers, consider using up some some of your extra weekly or activity points (which I did on Tuesday). If not on WW, eat some extra calories, such as a special treat (Yesterday, I ate a FiberPlus Bar, both sweet and nutritious, loaded with 9 grams of fiber, 120 calories, 7g sugar, 2g protein, well worth it). Your treat should consist of something that won't kick up your hunger even more. Nuts

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